Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Private bibliographies

I have two versions of my cv: one for public consumption and one which contains extra private bibliography entries for work that is in submission. Obviously these are mostly the same so I had one one that had a \newif\ifpublic and then later included the commands to for the private bibliography entries \unless\ifpublic ... \fi. Of course, the source still leaked information about the papers in submission which made it so that I could not distribute the source. The solution to this problem lies with \InputIfFileExists. So, for example, one can write
which will \input{private} if private.tex exists. This is pretty good except that now we have to have 2 additional files, both private.tex and the private bibliography file, call it private.bib. Here, we can use a feature of BibTeX to reduce the number of extra files. Since BibTeX ignores all text outside of @{...} and TeX ignores everything in a file after \endinput, we can have the necessary LaTeX code for including the private bibliography at the start of private.bib and end the code with \endinput before the BibTeX entries begin. Then the \InputIfFileExists can be changed to
Now the source for the cv can be distributed. If a public version of the cv needs to be generated, then one can insert another \endinput at the start of private.bib or temporarily move private.bib aside while building.

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